Tanya's ministry call began while living in Brasil during the summers of 2002 and 2003.  With a team, she served along side Brasilian university students and as she watched the Brasilian students sharing the Gospel in their language and taking ownership of the ministry - she began to see God moving in the nationals as they were taking on ownership. In June 2004, she moved to Milwaukee to help start a church, and shortly after began serving on the missions team among other teams.  In 2006, she joined a short term ministry team to Rwanda, Africa serving and encouraging widows and orphans who survived the 1997 genocide. After returning from Africa, she began praying for a specific people group to be an advocate and mobilizer for ... low and behold her mentors kept telling her go to Europe!! The research began and shortly after the missions team announced that they were looking to develop a ministry partnership in Central/Eastern Europe. Tanya chose to research Prague, Czech Republic because of friends serving there.  In the fall of 2007, she traveled with a friend to Prague for her church missions team and also for herself, seeking to see where God was calling her to serve. The Czech Republic captivated her in the beauty of the people and culture and yet her heart was broken by the stunning absence of a Christian presence.  This once "Christian nation", at the center of the Holy Roman Empire, prides itself in being the most atheist nation in Europe. With 80% in this country claiming belief in nothing, the majority of the youth (35 years and younger) have never heard the Gospel and know nothing of who Jesus is.