Tom moved to Milwaukee in 2003 and got involved in the church right away.  He began serving as a missions team leader in 2006 and went on his first short-term mission trip that fall to the Amazon. An invitation from a friend to attend Urbana '06 (a college age missions conference) resulted in His life being turned upside down (in a good way) with God giving him a clear sense of calling to stay in Milwaukee and be involved in his church to see mission focus develop. "Be patient, and learn to follow me well and be obedient here." was the sense of leading from God. There was also a growing heart for cities as sending and receiving centers for missionaries, to serve the local community, regionally and globally. 

God's hand was all over this season and it resulted in a pastoral internship alongside an increasing amount of international travel in Tom's engineering job. Work, personal, and missions travel gave Tom a growing view of God's global presence and His heart for the peoples and tribes all over the globe. Opportunities continued to present themselves and Tom spent 2 1/2 years working with a group of 100+ churches to develop and expand the global and local cross-cultural ministry of local churches through the Short-Term Ministry Initiative of Converge Great Lakes.